Nelson: Pacman's wrong, I'm not dirty

BY foxsports • October 28, 2013

David Nelson and Adam ''Pacman'' Jones were still going at it after they tangled a few times on the field.

The two had a few tense moments during the Cincinnati Bengals' 49-9 victory Sunday, including a hit by the New York Jets receiver late in the third quarter that angered Jones. Nelson was penalized for clipping, and the cornerback had to be restrained by a teammate as he ran toward him.

Nelson acknowledged he's a physical player. But Jones took it a step further, saying Nelson is ''dirty'' player.

''For him to call me dirty,'' Nelson said Monday, ''I think is inaccurate and not true.''

The Daily News also reported that Jones told Nelson during the game that he would find out where he lives ''and come and get you.'' Nelson wouldn't detail his conversations with Jones, but confirmed that published reports were accurate.

''I wouldn't say it was a threat,'' he said. ''I'm not going to say that he threatened me or anything like that. He did say some stuff on the field, but I wouldn't take it as a threat.''

Nelson downplayed the comments by Jones on the field, saying it was him just being ''in the heat of the game, in the heat of battle.'' He added that Jones never repeated any threatening words the rest of the game or after it.

''If you know anything about how I play, I play physical from whistle to whistle and I've never had an issue with it before,'' Nelson said. ''I've never had anyone call me dirty ever in my life before. So, this was just an incident where I just think he wasn't fond of playing against a physical receiver from the beginning of the game to late in the game.

''His view of dirty is a little bit different than mine.''

But Jones told the Bengals' website after the game that Nelson ''was playing dirty,'' and added that the receiver ''cut'' him four times after the play.

''Thank God I took my medicine today, I guess, and I didn't go off,'' Jones said. ''Hopefully, he'll get fined. At least three fines. There were three real cheap shots after the play.''

Nelson, who led the Jets with eight catches for 80 yards, vehemently denied those claims.

''I wasn't doing anything outside the rule book,'' he said. ''I wasn't doing anything that I haven't done before. I cut him one time in the entire game. Never hit him late.''

Jones also accused Jets coach Rex Ryan of yelling at him during the game.

''Sometimes you have conversations with guys and all that stuff, but I don't recall having it (or) having that conversation with him,'' Ryan said. ''I've always liked him. Again, I guess it's a possibility, I just don't remember it.''

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