Luck: 'No problem' with gay teammate

BY foxsports • June 1, 2013

Star Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck said he would have “absolutely no problem” with having an openly gay teammate.

In a CNN report (see video below), Luck said he is hopeful a gay NFL player would feel comfortable enough to come out.

“I hope if someone's thinking about (coming out), that if they do come out as gay and it makes them happy and it makes their life easier, then I think they should do it,” Luck told CNN.

The 23-year-old, who threw for 4,374 yards as a rookie while leading the Colts to an 11-5 record and the playoffs, also said he hopes a gay teammate would not be treated differently by NFL colleagues.

“It’s the 21st century, and I know I would have absolutely no problem with it,” Luck said in the CNN report. “I hope no one would treat him any differently than any straight player, no special treatment — he’s just another guy.”

This is a controversial subject in NFL and sports circles.

Luck’s statements come about a week after Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson said that while he has gay family members he loves and respects, he was “not with” the idea of gay marriage.

Some others in the NFL have voiced their opinions: Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith said recently he was unsure if the NFL was ready for an openly gay player, while outspoken players such as Chris Kluwe and Brendon Ayanbadejo have taken on same-sex marriage rights as an issue of equality.

And news was made this past week by Benedictine College's Jallen Messersmith, who became the first men's college basketball player to come out.

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