'Key & Peele' strike again as Sherman & Lynch, as Marshawn finally opens up

BY foxsports • January 31, 2015

"Key & Peele" have struck again, and thank goodness they won't get fined.

The Comedy Central duo had already dropped its hilarious rendition of the Super Bowl starting lineups, through the comics' off-beat lens -- playing off their viral East/West college football classics.

Now comes their latest clip based on Super Bowl week -- with Seattle Seahawks teammates Richard Sherman and Marshawn Lynch airing their frustrations . . . but not over Roger Goodell or the New England Patriots, instead over the recent Oscar nominations.

See below as a very animated "Sherman" can't contain himself over Best Director snubs for the films "Selma" and "Foxcatcher". Meanwhile, a pacing, miffed "Lynch" repeatedly offers nothing but "biscuits and gravy" -- until his passionate comrade finally prods the brooding RB to open up about what's really eating him up inside.

Why not let these guys handle all of Lynch's press conferences?

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