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Herd Hierarchy: Colin Cowherd delivers his post-draft NFL power rankings
National Football League

Herd Hierarchy: Colin Cowherd delivers his post-draft NFL power rankings

Published May. 5, 2021 10:05 a.m. ET

As teams and fan bases bask in post-draft bliss, it's time to revisit the pecking order in the NFL.

Which NFL teams are the best of the best at this moment in time?

Colin Cowherd of "The Herd" broke it down with his latest edition of "Herd Hierarchy."

"This is my first 'Herd Hierarchy' based on coaching staff hires, free agency and the draft," Cowherd said. "So here we go."


(All championship odds via FOX Bet)

10. Green Bay Packers

Colin's thoughts: "What did they get out of the draft that can help them this year? ... I think there's animosity in the building, a lot of tension, a lot of noise – but I give [the Green Bay Packers] the respect of a top-10 team. But I don't like what I hear or see."

NFL championship odds: +1300

9. Baltimore Ravens

Colin's thoughts: "I liked [the Baltimore Ravens] last year. I like them this year. They had a weakness – wide receiver. They went and attacked it. They brought in Sammy Watkins. They drafted Rashod Bateman. That's what they needed to do."

NFL championship odds: +1400

8. Los Angeles Rams

Colin's thoughts: "[The Los Angeles Rams] are in the Super Bowl bubble, but I didn't love their draft. And I thought their offseason – you get Matthew Stafford, but you lost some pieces I like."

NFL championship odds: +1300

7. Los Angeles Chargers

Colin's thoughts: "I think [the Los Angeles Chargers'] roster is stacked. Justin Herbert looks like a star ready to explode. This team is ready to roll. ... I just don't know if Brandon Staley is a head coach. We'll wait and see."

NFL championship odds: +3300

6. San Francisco 49ers

Colin's thoughts: "[The San Francisco 49ers] fortified what they're already really good at. O-line, run the football. To me, that's about empowering Trey Lance. If he eventually plays this year, they went and doubled down on their O-line, which was already good. They doubled down on their running backs, which were already strong." 

NFL championship odds: +1500

5. Cleveland Browns

Colin's thoughts: "Here's my concern: [The Cleveland Browns] could have eight to nine new defensive starters. Depending on how their schedule falls, it could be a rocky September and early October. But they went and attacked their secondary, which was a mess last year."

NFL championship odds: +2200

4. Seattle Seahawks

Colin's thoughts: "The Seattle Seahawks went 12-4. Can we remember that? And they got better offensively. ... Russell Wilson got more good pieces. ... This remains a top-five or -six roster.

NFL championship odds: +2200

3. Buffalo Bills

Colin's thoughts: "I like everything [the Buffalo Bills] have done for the last five years. I really do. I love this organization. ... I just trust the front office and the coach. I like Buffalo."

NFL championship odds: +1200

2. Kansas City Chiefs

Colin's thoughts: "[The Kansas City Chiefs] totally rebuilt their offensive line. Plus, they got humiliated in the Super Bowl, which has a nice way of invigorating offseason workouts."

NFL championship odds: +550

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Colin's thoughts: "I'll just give it to [the Tampa Bay Buccaneers]. They return all the coordinators and all the starters from the [Super Bowl] team, so they would be my No. 1 team. I think that's just kind of an automatic."

NFL championship odds: +750

Check out Cowherd's full breakdown of his "Herd Hierarchy" below:

Herd Hierarchy: Colin Cowherd ranks his top 10 teams after the NFL Draft | THE HERD

In this edition of 'Herd Hierarchy,' Colin Cowherd decides which 10 teams came out winners at the end of the 2021 NFL Draft.

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