Earl Thomas surprises girlfriend with proposal at youth football camp

Published Jul. 2, 2015 11:26 a.m. EDT

Seattle Seahawks safety Earl Thomas surprised his high school sweetheart, Nina and proposed to her in front of all the kids at a youth football camp. 

Thomas didn't know he was going to propose at the camp, but according to Seahawks.com John Boyle, he felt so good about everything, he told his agent to grab the ring. 

"Nobody knew," Thomas said, via Bleacher Report. "I just told my agent, get the ring out of the car. So I did it." 

"That's my high school sweetheart," Thomas said. "I was thinking to myself, I think I come alive when I'm around this type of environment, so what a perfect way to top this off...we were there, me and her."


There were pictures taken on social media immediately following the proposal and it looked like an amazing moment for the two.

KDFM interview Thomas immediately after the moment and as you can see he is still very emotional. 

Nina's mother even got in on the action asking her followers for advice on a wedding planner.

Love is in the air for the Seahawks apparently, teammate Richard Sherman recently proposed to his girlfriend while vacationing in Hawaii.

(h/t Bleacher Report)