Devon Still on daughter Leah: 'We will take a clean bill of health over hair any day'

May 21, 2015

Bengals defensive Devon Still is hoping that his daughter has lost her hair due to cancer treatment for the last time. 

Leah Still, whose battle against pediatric cancer emerged as one of the best stories in the NFL last season, was able to grow back some of her recently, but as Devin put it in his Instagram post on Wednesday, "It was time to go back to the baldy!"

Leah, who was deemed cancer free back in March, recently underwent what will hopefully be her last treatment as she recovers from Stage IV neuroblastoma that was originally diagnosed in June 2014. 

Leah has remained upbeat throughout her recovery, and was even able to strut her stuff at a kids' fashion show during Fashion Week in New York City back in February. With assistance from her dad, she also wrote a children's book entitled "I am Leah Strong" to help other kids fighting illnesses.