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Colin Cowherd's 3-Word NFL Game: AFC edition

May 11

Very rarely is Colin Cowherd considered a man of few words. 

However, such was the case on Monday's edition of "The Herd," when Cowherd broke out one of his favorite pastimes: the 3-word game. 

"Forcing people to be succinct, you can describe almost anything in life – especially sports – in three words," Cowherd opined.

With the NFL draft and free-agency frenzy over and done with, Cowherd did his best to summarize each of the 32 NFL teams with three, quick words, beginning with the AFC.

Let's see what he came up with.


Buffalo Bills: Bill-ding A Juggernaut

Colin's thoughts: "They won their first AFC East Division title since ‘95. Their weakness was a pass-rush and they used their first two picks on pass-rushers."

Miami Dolphins: Tua's New Toys

Colin's thoughts: "They don't know if Tua [Tagovailoa] is gonna make it, so they have helped him by adding Will Fuller and by adding players on the outside in the draft. … He was in the bottom of the NFL in passing yards per game."

New York Jets: Saleh't To Prove

Colin's thoughts: "This is the worst roster in the division. This is the worst offensive line in the division. He's got a rookie quarterback and he's a rookie head coach."

New England Patriots: Ready To Relaunch

Colin's thoughts: "Biggest spenders by a mile in free agency. Over $300 million."


Pittsburgh Steelers: Pitt Of Misery

Colin's thoughts: "Lost five of their last six. They've lost seven of their last 10 playoff games. They're holding on valiantly to Big Ben but this is a team that makes too many mistakes in big spots, and Big Ben showed real signs of erosion at the end of the year."

Cleveland Browns: Fully Baked Brownies

Colin's thoughts: "For the first time since 1950, the Cleveland Browns will start three years in a row with the same starting quarterback. That doesn't even sound right."

Baltimore Ravens: Next Level Lamar?

Colin's thoughts: "He declined in all the key stats last year. They drafted a wide receiver, Rashod Bateman. They acquired a receiver, Sammy Watkins. So they went after their No. 1 liability."

Cincinnati Bengals: Brought Burrow's Buddy

Colin's thoughts: "Joe Burrow and Ja'Marr Chase – 1,800 yards in college. Burrow strongly lobbied for him in the offseason and they went and got, in my opinion, one of the best college receiver talents since Calvin Johnson at Georgia Tech."


Houston Texans: Texas-Sized Mess

Colin's thoughts: "Only team to not draft a player in the first or second round this year. Don't love the coaching hire. Don't like their front-office dysfunction."

Indianapolis Colts: Wentz Upon a Time…

Colin's thoughts: "They had the third-fewest turnovers in the NFL last season, and [Carson] Wentz led the NFL in interceptions last year. Can they pull back Wentz from his playmaking just a tad and make him play more of a Colts cultural style?"

Jacksonville Jaguars: Draft to Ad-Meyer

Colin's thoughts: "They added Marvin Jones. They added Carlos Hyde. They draft a quarterback and a running back in the first round. They're gonna go down swinging. I do think offensively they'll be a very tough out next year."

Tennessee Titans: Nashville No Show

Colin's thoughts: "Their defense was bad last year. They tried to shore it up in free agency but I think Ryan Tannehill, without Arthur Smith – his coordinator – will step back."


Los Angeles Chargers: Just Protect Justin

Colin's thoughts: "They had the lowest-rated offensive line in the NFL last year. Corey Linsley from the Packers brought over – the No. 1 rated center."

Denver Broncos: Need To Unlock

Colin's thoughts: "Get rid of Drew Lock. Since Peyton Manning left, they're 30th or 31st in every key passing statistic."

Kansas City Chiefs: Brand New Line

Colin's thoughts: "Patrick Mahomes was pressured more than any quarterback in Super Bowl history. They went out [and got] Joe Thuney, Kyle Long, Orlando Brown – they fixed it."

Las Vegas Raiders: Just Win, Maybe?

Colin's thoughts: "Do you know the Raiders have just one winning season since 2013, fewest in the National Football League?"

Check out the entire segment from "The Herd" below!

On today's edition of Best for Last, Colin Cowherd plays his NFL 3-word game. Hear Colin sum up the AFC division's offseason moves in only 3 words each.

And check back tomorrow, as Colin plays the 3-Word Game in the NFC!

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