Brock Osweiler treats Texans linemen to special gift

BY AP • January 11, 2017

HOUSTON (AP) Houston quarterback Brock Osweiler recently gifted his offensive line with custom suits to thank them for protecting him this season.

Osweiler said he had them made by a woman in Colorado who he was introduced to by teammates when he was with the Broncos.

''There's been multiple games where there's been no sacks; there's been multiple games where there are very few hits if any,'' Osweiler said. ''I just really appreciate everything those guys do. Playing in the trenches, playing on the offensive line, you don't get a lot of credit, but you are going out there every day and you're getting beat up ... so it was just a way to say thank you and my appreciation toward those guys.''

The big fellas, some of whom had never had a custom suit, appreciated the gift.

''He got me looking right,'' guard Jeff Allen said. ''I look all professional now.''

The Texans will try to win a divisional playoff game for the first time in franchise history when the meet the New England Patriots on Saturday night.


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