Bills cheerleaders' rulebook: opinions bad, mouthwash good

BY foxsports • April 25, 2014

A 12-page Buffalo Jills handbook has been released by the law firm representing five former Buffalo Bills cheerleaders who filed a civil action on Tuesday claiming subjection to illegal workplace rules.

The handbook is a series of do's and don'ts for the cheerleaders, including step-by-step guidance on everything from female hygiene to proper eating etiquette.

Here are some highlights of the rulebook.

*Remove make-up every night before going to bed!

*Never eat in uniform unless arrangements have been made in advance.

*When trying to "capture" a small piece of food onto a utensil, it is acceptable to use another utensil for aiding it aboard. Never use your fingers.

*Try to brush your teeth or use a mouthwash before an appearance. Bad breath is offensive. Always keep it in check.

Jills must also avoid discussing religion, politics and other "strong opinions, " while wearing their three required eye shadow colors.

The lawsuit claims that defendants Stejon Productions and Citadel Communications implemented penalties including revocation of game tickets or dismissal from the squad if certain problems arose.

Infractions included posting pictures online in Jills attire, failing to pass "the jiggle test" -- a judgment on physique -- and "any conduct unbecoming of a Jill."

These so-called laws of being a presentable Jill have only added to the suit's main claim that Bills cheerleaders are not paid for games, practices or most of their 20 to 35 public appearances -- something lawyers will try to prove violates New York’s $8 per hour minimum wage law.

The former Jills join the Raiderettes and the Ben-Gals as the third group of NFL cheerleaders to claim unfair wage compensation in recent months.