Bill O'Brien stands up for Houston's quarterbacks

BY foxsports • August 3, 2015

Bill O'Brien is well aware of the perception that the Houston Texans quarterback situation isn't in line with the other standout areas of the football team.

Yes, the Texans have what looks once again to be an elite defense and running back Arian Foster is coming off a season where he ran for more than 1,200 yards.

But the idea that Brian Hoyer and Ryan Mallett aren't capable quarterbacks leaves O'Brien, well, a little steamed.

"I know what both those guys do in the building; I take a lot of pride in both those guys," O'Brien said, via ESPN. "I know both those guys very well. I read, I understand what’s written out there. Sometimes it pisses me off to be honest with you.

"These are two guys that are good quarterbacks that have played in this league, they work very hard. They’re out here busting their ass every day to get better and I think the city of Houston should be proud of both of them. And I think the media should understand these guys can play. They gotta go out there and do it. Look, if they don’t go out there and do it they don’t do it but I have a lot of faith in those guys. One guy will start, one guy will be the backup, and I’m looking forward to continuing to coach them. I think they’re two good quarterbacks and I like both of them."

Hoyer and Mallett are competing in training camp for the starting quarterback job. Based on his comments, it seems O'Brien has complete confidence in whoever wins the job.

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