BC-FBN--Draft Features,ADVISORY

BY AP • April 18, 2017


NFL draft features planned by The Associated Press. Please contact Barry Wilner (bwilner(at)ap.org) or Simmi Buttar (sbuttar(at)ap.org) with questions.

-Team-by-team capsules. Moves Thursday, April 20, for weekend editions, April 22-23.

-FBN--Draft in Philly. A story on the NFL and city building a structure just for the draft; logistics, on how the draft wound up in Philadelphia. Moves Thursday, April 20, for weekend editions, April 22-23.

-FBN--Draft-Replacements. When is the right time to draft replacements? It's so difficult to develop guys with roster limits, practice limits, etc. How do teams go about it? Moves April 18.

-FBN--NFL Draft-Prospect Thumbnails-Offense and FBN--NFL Draft-Prospect Thumbnails-Defense. Moves Thursday, April 20

-FBN--Draft-Under The Radar. Players who didn't get much publicity or even didn't have big stats in college, yet are likely to go relatively high in the draft. Moves Friday, April 21.

-FBN--Draft-RB Rebirth? Has there been a rebirth of the running backs and how this draft, with a strong class at the position, might look. Moves Monday, April 24.

-FBN--Draft-Specialists. Players in this draft who are extra attractive because of special teams skills. Move Monday, April 24.

-FBN--Draft-Blocking Dilemma. The adjustment problems to the pro game for offensive linemen, particularly looking at how O-line play was so troublesome for many NFL teams last season. Moves Tuesday, April 25.

-Mock Draft. Moves Tuesday, April 25.

-FBN--Draft Data. A data-driven piece looking at the recent drafts to see where teams spent high picks on offense and defense; how many starters they wound up with; how many players are still with the same team; and a look at the teams' records and offense/defense ranks in that span. Moves Wednesday, April 26.