Ayesha Curry responds to LeBron James 'taking the high road'

BY foxsports • June 12, 2016

Win, lose, or draw ... you can't deny that Ayesha Curry, wife to Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry, has been there to back up her man.

Never more so than Sunday afternoon, when LeBron James dodged a question soliciting him to elaborate on his reaction to Klay Thompson's controversial comments about him having "his feelings hurt."

LeBron said he didn't want to respond, but, rather he was going to take "the high road."

Shortly after, like a scene out of a WWE pay-per-view, Ayesha jumped into the conversation from the top rope and vigorously made her opinion known:

They say "a series doesn't actually begin until the home team loses a game." Well, that might need to be adjusted here in the near future to incorporate spouses on Twitter -- because even though the Finals score may currently be 3-1, if Sunday is any indication: it's just getting started.

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