Mexico Team Report: Mexico defeats Germany | FIFA World Cup™ Tonight

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Fernando Fiore is joined by Tony Meola, Rodolfo Landeros, Grant Wahl, and Kelly Smith to discuss Mexico's amazing defeat of Germany to open their FiFA World Cup campaign

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FERNANDO FIORE: Tony, I have to do this because it's a very special day. Guardado. Chicharito. Lozano. Goal! Chucky goal! Chucky! Mexico [SPEAKING SPANISH]. uno a zero. Look at Chicharito. What-- unbelievable. And this is the schedule for Mexico. They will play for first Korea and then close the group against Sweden. Chicharito, talk to me, please!

JAVIER HERNANDEZ THROUGH INTERPRETER: Some people might think the word is too much, but he's a genius. He believes he himself, he believes his own world, in his skill, his capacity-- in everything, right? So I think that he has thought out it very well. And of course, Germany didn't have their best day either.

- Look at that. Chicharito's talking and I have this original jersey signed by Chicharito here on top, number 14. And Andres Guardado right there, number 18. And Tony is laughing because I-- he thought I was going to be doing some kind of jokes on him, but no, here you go-- Chicharito and Andres Guardado. Thank you, Tony, for your help.

- Oh.

- I wasn't going to do-- I wasn't going to do any trick on you. I wasn't going to do any trick on you. I only do one trick per show.

- OK.

- All right, let's go back to this amazing situation for Mexico. And also, Mr. Grant Wahl, an incredible situation for Juan Carlos Osorio.

- Well, the last game that Mexico had in Mexico before they came to the World Cup, thousands of Mexican fans whistled and booed and wanted Osorio out-- "fuera Osorio" at the end of that game. And that was for a team that did very well in qualifying. And so it's incredible to see this turnaround today, where the Mexican fans and the media, who have been very difficult on Osorio for quite a while now, are going to have to change their tune after this historic result.

I had an interview last year with Osorio and Chicharito, and it's interesting that for all the criticism on the outside, Chicharito wanted to say how much the players respect Osorio on the inside. And when your star player is going out of his way to say that, the other players will follow the star player. What Osorio has done psychologically, emotionally, and tactically with this team is incredible.

- With the help of all of a specific mental conditioning assistant.

- A guy named Imanol Ibarrondo from Spain is this mental conditioning coach who came in at first for the USA-Mexico game-- the World Cup qualifier that Mexico won in Columbus-- and then he was hired permanently for this entire World Cup cycle after that. And he has worked wonders with this Mexican team, and I think he's going to be important over the next few days to sort of get them to come back down to earth and focus on the next game.

RODOLFO LANDEROS: Yeah, and if you take a look at-- I've been following the national team ever since Chepo de la Torre was the head coach. His staff was very reduced, and now Osorio has all the tools for-- for the players. You mentioned Imanol Ibarrondo. They also have a sleeping coach and--


- A sleeping coach, yeah.

FERNANDO FIORE: I can sleep by myself-- I don't need a coach to sleep.

- At Dynamo Moscow, they changed all the beds, the mattresses. They-- they measure the amount of sleep the players have put in because he wants them perfectly fit. And something about Osorio-- what you mentioned is perfect. I mean, there's been a lot of rotations, no repeating line-ups, and the players are-- are up to it. It doesn't matter if you're playing on the bench or-- or starting in the 11-- everybody's ready to go. And there's a quote that Osorio said and I want to-- want to put this. "You have to play for the love of winning and not for the fear of losing." they were fearless against Germany.

KELLY SMITH: They were.

- They played like the giant team, and that was really a sight to see.

- What I loved after the game was the celebrations. You saw Hernandez cry, and it meant so much to him-- the effort that he'd put in and the whole team put in. They were so tired after the game, but they were so proud. The heart, the passion, the desire that they had. Look there-- he's just so-- he's out-- out of this world. He can't believe it. He put in a performance of his life and that is a fantastic three points for Mexico. But what they mustn't do now is get overawed with that win. That is an emotional win for them and that is tiring mentally, but they have to put that to bed now, forget about it, and then look forward to the next game.

- Yeah, let's put it in context. It's a-- it's a group game, but it's against Germany. You beat the defending champion, and that's fantastic, Tony.

- Yeah, and if you're going to go far in this tournament, right, your goalkeeper has to be good throughout the tournament. I thought Ochoa today set a tone. He was very calm in the way he did things. He didn't spill any rebounds. I go back to Spain and what happened with de Gea you know-- it kind of sets a rhythm for you. Here's a shot by Kroos, you see. But he just made things look easy today. And of course, I say all the time about goalkeeping-- you have to save all the ones you're supposed to save, Fernando, and one of the ones you're not supposed to save, and that was that free kick there. And that's what keeps your team in the game and that's the look of a guy who just beat the world champions.

- And that's coming from a guy who was responsible for our national team for so long.

- Want to hold that one?

- Yes, hold this one. There you go, there you go. Thank you, Rodolfo, thank you for being with us today. It is the first time, but it won't be the last one.

- My pleasure. And no Memo, no party.

- There you go. All right.