33rd Most Memorable FIFA World Cup Moment: Gerd Muller’s final bomb

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Gerd Mueller's 68th and last international goal for Germany seals the hosts' final comeback against the Netherlands. Scored one of the most underrated goals of all time. It was also Muller's 14th career World Cup goal, a record that lasted 32 years.

WOMAN: Memorable moment number 33 in World Cup history. Germany legend Gerd Muller scored more than 550 goals in his career, but we're willing to bet this one is his all time favorite. Affectionately nicknamed the Bomber of the Nation, Muller saved the last of his 14 World Cup bombs for the biggest possible moment, scoring the winner in the 1974 World Cup final on home soil.

The goal delivered Germany their second title, and against their hated Dutch rivals no less. Gerd, you are the bomb. The FIFA World Cup begins June 14th on Fox with complete coverage all year long on Foxsports.com.