Wales player upset he’s missing Beyonce concert for Euro quarterfinals

Wales shocked most everyone by making the Euro quarterfinals. That includes their own player, Neil Taylor. The Wales defender was hoping to go to a Beyonce concert this weekend, but won’t be able to because he has a match to play for the Dragons now.

Gareth Bale was clearly more prepared for this possibility. He was ready to stay in France and play for Wales until the final, which may be a little too optimistic. But even making the quarterfinals would have been called optimistic to begin with. When you have Bale on your team, though, anything is possible, even if Taylor forgot about that.

Neil Taylor was so ready to get in Formation. 

So what would you miss a Euro quarterfinal to attend?

Beyonce concert

NO. Queen Bey is incredible, but you’re a professional player. You get paid handsomely and are about to have a month off before you have to report to your club for preseason. Hop on a plane and go see Beyonce play another concert on her tour.

Outkast reunion

They might not ever play again, so …

Birth of your child

This one depends on you and your wife. Maybe?

New Jordans drop

You can afford to buy it on the secondary market.

Family wedding

Open bar or nah?