Romeo Parkes, who brutally kicked opponent, banned worldwide by FIFA

Update: FIFA confirmed to FOX Soccer that Romeo Parkes is banned worldwide in all competitions through Oct. 23 and that it follows his USL ban. If his USL ban is lifted early, his worldwide ban will be lifted too. Below is the original report:

It was the kick heard around the American soccer community, but now it’s caught the attention of FIFA on a global scale.

Romeo Parkes, who brutally kicked an unsuspecting Karl Ouimette in the back during a game in May, is now reportedly banned not just by USL in the U.S., but worldwide. Parkes was initially banned for one season by USL, where he played for the Pittsburgh Riverhounds, but FIFA extended that ban worldwide, according to a report out of Jamaica.

FIFA said the suspension will go until Oct. 23, according to the report, and Parkes, a Jamaican international, will not be able to play any soccer at all, whether it’s club or international soccer and friendly or official matches. 

Parkes will apparently have 10 days to appeal the decision after being notified on July 8, but after video of the incident went viral, it seems a lot of teams will think twice about signing Parkes:

Another angle, however, was even more jarring:

The incident happened in the last five minutes of the New York Red Bulls II’s 3-1 win in Pittsburgh. Both Ouimette and Parkes were sent off, and as Ouimette was walking off the field Parkes attacked him. Ouimette went to the hospital but was not seriously injured.

FIFA did not immediately respond to a request on Saturday for confirmation of the report.