Claudio Bravo got a hilarious red card for a handball way outside the box


Claudio Bravo went wandering way outside his box, which shouldn't have been a surprise. After all, Pep Guardiola bought him in large part because he is good with the ball at his feet and would be able to play the ball. Only this time he basically gave the ball right to Luis Suarez. And if that wasn't bad enough then he decided to try to stop Suarez's shot with his hands … despite being 10 yards outside his box.

Yeah, that's a red card. Which makes this reaction so good.

He did the disappointed dad! Except he couldn't have been disappointed with the ref for giving him an obvious red card, so was he disappointing dad-ing himself?

Of course, Bravo went to Manchester City from Barcelona, so maybe he's a double agent sent to Manchester to help the Catalans? Or he was sick of trying to stop Lionel Messi? Or Manchester City's kits had blinded him?