Legia Warsaw’s Champions League tifo was equal parts amazing and terrifying


Legia Warsaw haven't been in the group stage of the Champions League since 1995/96, when they made a run to the quarterfinals. After a more than 20-year wait, they were a little excited. Like massive tifo and flares everywhere excited.

There are a few steps to making a tifo:

  1. Come up with a cool idea, which they did.
  2. Design it well, which they did.
  3. Make sure it's big and noticeable, which they did.

Had Legia fans decided to stop there, it would have been fine and cool and they'd have done their jobs. But instead they decided to up it with the face covering, which makes it look dangerous. Still, that's a smaller thing. BUT THEN THE FLARES.

Flares can be very bad, like when people throw them. There's a reason a lot of stadiums ban them. But when they're used in a sensible manner, like this, they're just awesome. And scary. And when you add that to a tifo you get full marks.

Legia are definitely back.