Report: Tebow letter ignites scare

You would think getting a mystery envelope containing Tim Tebow’s picture would be pretty exciting. But when that mysterious envelope also contains mysterious white powder? Hard to imagine even the biggest Tebow nut not being disturbed by that.

A day that began with "The Citizens of Jacksonville" taking out an ad in Florida Times-Union asking Jaguars owner Shad Khan to sign the famed Florida Gator ended on quite a different note — with city hall in Jersey City, NJ, reportedly evacuated when the mayor’s office reportedly received an envelope containing a picture of Tebow and an unknown white powder.

According to CBS 2 New York, the letter was addressed to "Steven Fulop, family and friends" — Fulop is the Jersey City mayor. When a mayoral aide opened the envelope around 2:15 p.m., white powder fell out. Also according to CBS:

There was also a letter inside, which sources told the newspaper contained ‘spiritual stuff heaven stuff,’ — along with the picture of the former Jets quarterback. But the exact contents of the letter were not revealed to the newspaper pending investigation. reported that the aide immediately called police and soon after city hall was surrounded by police and fire departments, the bomb squad, a hazmat team and ambulances. According to Jersey City Public Safety Director James Shea, those in the room in which the envelope was opened were quarantined while the rest of the building was evacuated.

Ultimately, the powder turned out to be harmless and the return address on the envelope was a fake. The mayor was not in his office when the envelope was opened.