Refs completely botch end of first half in Bills-Seahawks with two egregious missed calls

The first half of Monday night's Bills-Seahawks game in Seattle was wild, but it was the bizarre final sequence of the half that left many scratching their heads.

With only three seconds left in the half and the Seahawks leading 28-17, the Bills lined up for a 53-yard field goal. Dan Carpenter's kick was no good, but for good reason, Richard Sherman jumped offsides and went directly into the kicker's legs.

The call: five yards for offsides — no roughing the kicker or late-hit personal foul, which would have made the field goal 38 yards and significantly easier to make.

But the clock was running following the play, so the Bills had to spike the ball to kick another field goal.

The Bills again lined up for what was now a 49-yard field goal, only to have the play clock start running and an official remain over the ball as the clock expired.

The Bills were called for a delay of game, making their now third attempt at a field goal 54 yards. Carpenter missed the kick, pushing it wide right.