Love: ‘Limited ability’ = ‘white guy’

The NBA on Tuesday released its 12th annual general manager survey, in which all of the league’s GMs make a variety of predictions, from who will win the 2013-14 NBA championship and MVP award, to which team is the most fun to watch and "which player makes the most of limited natural ability?"

Some of the results were predictable — the Heat will three-peat, and LeBron will be named MVP again.

Some were a little more surprising — Kobe’s not even the best shooting guard in the Western Conference?

And some led to some outright comedy. Clearly, the players pay attention to this thing. Let’s get back to "which player makes the most of limited natural ability?"

The choice? Minnesota’s Kevin Love, with 24.1 percent of the vote; well clear of second-place Marc Gasol of Memphis and his 13.8 percent.

Love saw it, and took note. But was he happy? Was it a backhanded compliment? Did he vow payback on those who voted for him . . . or against him?

Nope. He went in a different direction.

And if you believe this draft, that sounds about right.