Faried kicks hole in locker room wall

The Nuggets’ Kenneth Faried is a fiery guy, known by many as the

team’s emotional leader. So with his team suddenly down 3-1 to the

Golden State Warriors in their first-round playoff series, it

wouldn’t be surprising if Faried wanted to give some teammates a

swift kick in the pants.

But after Sunday night’s postgame display, he may not need to

kick any butts — we now see what kind of wrath his size 16

shoe can unleash.

After Denver’s 115-101 Game 4 loss on the road, Faried

reportedly kicked a hole in the visitor’s locker room, lighting up

both the drywall and Twitter.

Here’s another view.

According to The Associated Press, the scene was reminiscent of

the hole Dirk Nowitzki put in the wall outside the locker room

— which remains to this day — when he threw a chair

after his top-seeded Dallas Mavericks were upset in the first round

by Golden State in 2007.

“There’s no good news,” Faried said of the game, when asked to

find a silver lining in the outcome.

And could there be even more “no good news” for the Nuggets and

Faried? He missed the first game of the series with a left ankle

injury, suffered late in the regular season. So did the big man let

the emotions get the best of him and kick the wall with the bad

wheel? Either he doesn’t know, or he ain’t telling.

But one thing Faried did prove on Sunday night is his social

media and Web acumen. After his kick, he asked a reporter to Google

somebody else’s infamous postgame run-in with inanimate


Let’s hope Faried doesn’t Google the success rate of teams

facing 3-1 series deficits.