Bobcats’ Gerald Henderson hits woman in face with pass, apologizes in excellent fashion

The Charlotte Bobcats were busy enjoying a second-quarter lead Friday night in their game against the lowly Milwaukee Bucks when guard Gerald Henderson threw a pass to who knows where that ended up drilling a woman walking in the stands in the face.

The woman collapsed right after the ball struck her, and concerned onlookers rushed to her aid. Play paused briefly.

Here’s the horrid pass:

A Bobcats employee said on Twitter that the woman was taken to the hospital for precautionary reasons but was OK.

That same employee also said it was the woman’s first-ever basketball game and that they gave her a pair of Henderson’s shoes afterward:

Henderson himself later apologized on Twitter in an endearing, self-deprecating way that would make it hard not to forgive him instantly:

Yep. It’s true. Henderson is averaging 1.8 assists per game so far during his five-year career.