Kyle Larson scores a dominating win at Las Vegas | 2018 NASCAR XFINITY SERIES | FOX NASCAR

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Kyle Larson puts on a dominating performance and pulls away from Christopher Bell to win in Las Vegas.

ANNOUNCER: White flag in the air, one lap to go, sponsored by Credit One Bank.

ANNOUNCER 2: That yellow flag was Kyle Larson's best friend. There's no way he was going to make on fuel without it. He got the yellow flag, reset with new tires and fuel, seemed to make the most of these restarts, and here he is driving away with just a half lap to go to bring home a Vegas win.

ANNOUNCER 1: His first win at Las Vegas-- going to be a dominating performance 142 of 200 laps led. Here comes Kyle Larson. He's a winner in Sin City.

ANNOUNCER 2: And sliding out of the belts and here he comes.


ANNOUNCER 3: Absolutely so and great day for him.

REPORTER: Great way to start the West Coast swing, but what a great way to capitalize, though, on the wheel spin by your buddy Christopher Bell on that restart.

KYLE LARSON: Yeah, I wasn't sure if he had a bunch of wheelspin or if I just got a really good push. Justin did a great job push me on that last start. Actually had, you know, Bell push me really good-- the start before to get in front of Reddick and Blaney, and then had a good push from Justin as well. So awesome day for DC Solar.

I think this is their first win, so, you know, glad I can get them there first win here in the Xfinity Series, you know, can't thank everybody enough-- everyone from Credit One Bank who's here. This race the-- man this race car is so fast. It was really fast last year, but you never really know if-- you know, this is my first time with this body. And it performed well, so happy about that and great day.

REPORTER: Capitalized on the restart, but boy what a recovery and to compartmentalize the issue on pit road, not only for you to get your head back in the game, but also for the guys who go over the wall. Very impressed.

KYLE LARSON: Yeah, yeah, you know, my guys are one of the best on pit road. We just had, I think, I guess, they said a left veer couldn't-- wouldn't come out. You know, it was good that-- you know, I had been fighting tight issue all day and then finally we got our car turn him better there on that run, where I had to come for eight, so that hel-- allowed me to get to the lead fairly easy. And then, you know, I was just saving fuel that whole run just in case it went green. So I wish it-- could've went green, I guess, just because it'd been interesting to see if I can finally win a fuel mileage race. But all in all an awesome day and like I said, can't thank DC Solar enough. They've been a great new asset to our organization and huge race fans, so we can get a victory.