White Sox: The Making Of a Potential Melky Cabrera Trade

Melky Cabrera is coming off a very strong 2016 season, but with the White Sox rebuilding, Melky needs to get traded to continue the rebuild. 

Melky Cabrera hit .296 with 14 home runs in a healthy 2016 season in which he played 151 games for the Chicago White Sox. Cabrera’s value as a White Sox player will never be higher, even with him entering his final year of his contract. He’s owed $15 million for next season.

A team that could use Cabrera is the Texas Rangers. The team’s current left fielder according to the depth chart provided by MLB.com is Nomar Mazara. Mazara played most of his rookie season in right field. Shin-Soo Choo returned from injuries moving Mazara to left field, Cabrera’s current position. The Rangers current designated hitter is projected to be Joey Gallo, or Jurickson Profar. Both these players were top prospects who haven’t panned out.

The White Sox should trade Cabrera for Gallo. Profar is by far a more promising player. He’s extremely versatile and is a switch hitter. Gallo,on the other hand, has been miserable. In 53 major league games over the past two seasons, Gallo has struck out 76 times. This past season, Cabreba struck out 69 times over 151 games.

Even if the Rangers still believe in Gallo, this trade will open up DH to ease Profar into the majors, or get Cabrera or Choo off the field for some games. With Cabrera at left field, Mazara can take over right field, and Choo or Profar can DH. This trade will give the Rangers options and some outfield depth, which they are lacking.

The White Sox will probably need to send salary relief with Cabrera, but it won’t hurt them as he’s on the final year of his contract. This proposed trade will be Cabrera and salary relief to the Rangers for Gallo.

The trade is low risk but may come with a high reward. If Todd Frazier is traded, Gallo can play third base, so it’ll give the White Sox some freedom. For the Rangers, they get a good hitter to plug into the top of their lineup and open up the window for Profar.

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