T-Rex throws first pitch, gets snippy with Friar in Padres-Royals game

PETCO Park turned into Jurassic park when a dinosaur took the mound at the PadresRoyals game on Wednesday. 

No, we’re not talking about Nolan Ryan. A baby Tyrannosaurus Rex, in town to promote San Diego’s upcoming "Walking With Dinosaurs" stage show, showed up at the ballpark to deliver the game’s first pitch. 

And given the T-Rex’s tiny pitch-challenged arms, it was amazing that the ball made it across the plate the way that it did. Though the dino was far from being a team player: When the Swinging Friar ventured a little too close to those sharp incisors, "baby T" threatened to make the Padres’ mascot extinct. 

Perhaps the predatory lizard should have set its sights on stalking the opposing team instead. Kansas City dominated San Diego on their home turf, 8-0

H/t For the Win