Hurricane Joaquin causing major-league headaches

Mother Nature is throwing Major League Baseball a curveball.

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Hurricane Joaquin is wreaking havoc on the final weekend of Major League Baseball’s regular season.

With rainy conditions on the East Coast, Saturday is shaping up to be full of doubleheaders — assuming, of course, that the rain lets up by then.

Friday’s postponements include: Washington Nationals-New York Mets; New York Yankees-Baltimore Orioles; and Miami Marlins-Philadelphia Phillies. All are scheduled to be made up with doubleheaders Saturday.

Among the postseason details still to be decided, weather-permitting: the second AL wild card, the AL West title and numerous home-field advantage situations in the ALDS/NLDS. The Yankees still haven’t been assured of home field in the AL Wild Card Game, and the Mets are battling the Los Angeles Dodgers for home field in the NLDS.

The Dodgers moved a half-game ahead of the Mets with Friday’s 6-2 win over the Padres. The Pirates remained two games ahead of the Cubs, who also won Friday, for home field in the NL Wild Card Game.

The Astros stayed a game ahead of the Angels for the second AL wild-card spot and gained a game on the Rangers, who lost to the Halos.

OK, suppose the Mets and Nats can’t play all three games by Sunday. And suppose the Mets need to win that last game to edge out the Dodgers.

What then?


MLB rules don’t fully cover this contingency. No provision on whether the Nats would have to spend an extra day in New York for a makeup — or two — on Monday. Probably not something they would enjoy.

At that point, home field between the Mets and Dodgers could be decided by best winning percentage, even if they don’t play the same number of games. Chances are, one team or the other wouldn’t like that too much, either.

The AL Wild Card Game is set for Tuesday, and it’s looking as if it will be at Yankee Stadium. That’s fine, but it could be rather wet if the remnants of Joaquin hang around. A rainout would push the game back, putting both wild-card matchups on the same day. The AL winner would then have to hustle to either Kansas City or Toronto to open the Division Series the next day.

For now, the AL Wild Card Game is scheduled for Tuesday, with the NL Wild Card Game on Wednesday.

Stay tuned.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.