Daily Buzz: Braves aren’t waffling

Anyone who has ever been hungry and maybe probably drunk at 3 a.m. can speak to the remedying impact a greasy Waffle House breakfast provides. The roadside staple’s magical healing powers are carrying over into baseball, where the Braves have scattered, smothered and covered their way to a 13-game winning streak.

See, Turner Field debuted its new Waffle House concession stand on July 26, before the Braves, at the time coming off a four-game split with the Mets at Citi Field, played host to the St. Louis Cardinals.

Since then, the Braves have been hotter than a flat top grill, and don’t have a loss to their name since Waffle House opened its doors inside their park. In that time, Atlanta has gone from 57-45, with an eight-game lead on Philadelphia and Washington in the NL East to 70-45, with 15½ games separating them from the second-place Nationals.

The Braves have been hitting .298 as a team since their winning streak started, with an OPS of .812, after hitting .249 with an OPS of .731 in the first 102 games. And the team ERA over the last 13 games has been 2.23 after posting a collective 3.38 ERA before July 26.

Outfielder Jordan Schafer hasn’t been a part of all of Atlanta’s recent success — he’s been on the DL with a stress fracture in his ankle since July 4 — but that doesn’t mean he can’t recognize the source of the Braves’ recent good fortune:

After six straight road wins, the Braves return home Friday to kick off a three-game set against the lowly Miami Marlins, the first part of a nine-game homestand. The longest win streak of the live ball era is 21 games, and should the Braves stay on their current country-style gravy train throughout the homestand, they would be the new record holders by next Sunday.

They would celebrate, I assume, with a trip to Waffle House.

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