Miles Bridges’ clutch 3-pointer helps No. 4 Michigan State take down No. 3 Purdue

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Miles Bridges delivers in the clutch for Michigan State in a huge win over Purdue.

DICK VITALE: He's one on one right now again. Look at the size advantage.

BOB WISCHUSEN: Haas on Schilling.


BOB WISCHUSEN: The jump hook-- smoothly done.

DICK VITALE: Tough to stop him one on one. Really tough down there.

BOB WISCHUSEN: Winston, around Grady Eifert, gives it up to Ward!

DICK VITALE: That was a great penetration pass by Winston. He's a bright guy. I don't know if you heard some of his quotes and listened to him.

--19-game winning streak.

BOB WISCHUSEN: Cassius Winston lobs it to Schilling!

DICK VITALE: Nice play.

Nice cut.

BOB WISCHUSEN: Back cut, Matt Haarms, and the harm.

DICK VITALE: Tremendous cut across the lane without the basketball. Good vision. They're all about a team.

You're not seeing many transition layups.

BOB WISCHUSEN: Winston buries a triple.

DICK VITALE: That's a big one. That's a momentum builder. Glad he didn't stop. Izzo wants to explode.

BOB WISCHUSEN: McQuaid with daylight. Yes!

DICK VITALE: Nice little ball screen. McQuaid used it really well. He's made three big 3's in this game. They need some defensive stops.

I think he stands too much. Now, here they got the basketball. You gotta defend right here. They're gonna go right to him. Inside again. Maybe run a guy at him. He tried the little run in.

BOB WISCHUSEN: Haas again with the jump hook! And Purdue-- they have the lead with one minute to go.

Goins buries the jumper to tie it again.

DICK VITALE: Crowd quiet. This game's big, especially for the home team, Michigan State. They went to him.

BOB WISCHUSEN: Bridges has it. 5 seconds to go. Bridges for 3. Yes!

DICK VITALE: Oh! Oh! The big star delivers. The big star delivers. And that's what you want out of a big star.