The nation’s top high school basketball player is seriously visiting Harvard this weekend

While college basketball recruiting isn’t generally a story we’d pay close attention to this time of year, there is one major reason we are talking about it today: The nation’s top recruit, a 6-foot-10 forward who will almost certainly play just one year of college basketball is taking a visit to the least likely place.


Yes, Harvard.

It’s an improbable story, especially when you consider Carter’s other college choices. They’re all the same schools you’d expect a five-star, one-and-done prospect to consider: Duke, Kentucky, North Carolina and a handful of others.

But if you think this is some kind of lark, or that Carter and his family are simply taking the visit for a PR stunt, think again.

During the summer FOX Sports caught up with Carter and his parents, Wendell Carter Sr. and Kylia, to ask them about the decision. The first question: Is Harvard actually a real contender?

It’s no surprise when you learn a little bit about the background of the family.

Wendell Carter Jr. is an only child and has always been pushed hard academically by both his parents. He went to a charter school early in his academic career, and his high school — Pace Academy in Atlanta — was chosen for its strong academic profile more so than it’s basketball brand.  

Also, unlike so many other top prospects, Carter has interests outside of basketball. He even skipped a weekend of AAU hoops this summer to star in a school play.

Here’s how the younger Carter described the experience:

And when he was asked about Harvard in general, here is what Carter said:

We should find out within the next few months whether Carter chooses his own path, as he is expected to make his college decision during signing period this fall.

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