‘Crying Jordan’ meme unleashed on Michael Jordan himself after UNC loss

It was inevitable.

Michael Jordan had to know that when he showed up for the 2016 NCAA men’s basketball national championship game, he ran the risk of turning himself into a meme. And when North Carolina lost to Villanova in heartbreaking fashion on Monday night, the internet was ready to unleash all of the MJ-based "Crying Jordan" photoshops it had stockpiled for just this occasion.

Get your scrolling finger ready, friends, because we have our 16 favorites from a night where Twitter absolutely lost its mind.

In our estimation, the best Crying Jordan of the night came early, before the game had been decided. Sometimes, though, you have to call your shot:

And just because Jordan shared a kind moment with Craig Sager didn’t mean he was safe in that moment:

His entourage (and the neighboring fans) were susceptible to the curse as well:

Even the Jumpman logo took an emotional turn:

From there, the internet turned its full fury to whatever Jordan photos it could find:

UNC’s players got the treatment, too. So did coach Roy Williams. And famous Chapel Hill landmarks. And even the mascot, because why not?

Finally, in a twist that only M. Night Shyamalan could appreciate, Jordan met the fate of last year’s crying piccolo girl.

My, how the tables have turned.