12-year-old belts 11 HRs in a row

12-year-old Trace Evans from Las Vegas belts 11 home runs in a row in Cooperstown tournament

Bryce Harper wowed spectators with his power as a youth baseball star growing up in Las Vegas, but he’s got nothing on one Sin City kid who hit a home run in 11 consecutive at-bats during a recent tournament in Cooperstown, NY.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, 12-year-old Trace Evans homered in 11 consecutive official at-bats for the Las Vegas Baseball Academy Lightning, the only non-homers coming in plate appearances — but not ABs — ending in walks or sacrifice flies.

His coach, Mike Martin, who got a cup of coffee as a catcher with the Cubs in 1986, was appropriately wowed by the accomplishment.

“In my 46 years of playing at every level and coaching I have never seen anything like this,” Martin wrote in a text message to the Review-Journal. “The young man has 11 consecutive home runs. It’s a new Cooperstown Dreams Park record. The old record was 9. This feat needs national attention. How does one see to it that this amazing feat is recognized nationally?”

Well, here’s your national attention, kid — but I’m not ready to put you on the cover of Sports Illustrated just yet. Get back to us in a few years, after your opponents hit puberty and add a curveball to their arsenal.

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