One thing we’ve learned from wagering on the XFL through two weeks

The XFL boasts new rules to enable higher scoring offenses. However, after two weeks of XFL football, there’s a trend emerging — and one that, if you were quick to spot it, might have gotten you to the window quite a few times so far this season.

Indeed, so far this XFL season, the under has cashed in six of eight games. (Fun fact: The Roughnecks were the team to hit the over both weeks.) So far in the young league, defenses are ruling the day — and it certainly seems as if that will continue to be the case headed into Week 3.

Let’s take a look at those Week 2 lines

DC Defenders vs. New York Guardians: O/U 47.5

The Defenders defeated the Guardians 27-0.

Total score: 27

Tampa Bay Vipers at Seattle Dragons: O/U 44.5

The Dragons upset the Vipers 17-9.

Total: 26

LA Wildcats vs. Dallas Renegades: O/U 47.5

The Renegades beat the Wildcats 25-18.

Total: 43

St. Louis BattleHawks at Houston Roughnecks: O/U 47.5

The Roughnecks finished off the BattleHawks 28-24.

Total: 52

Of course, that raises the question: Why?

Teams converted red-zone drives at a lower rate than the NFL

Red-zone efficiency was not great in Week 1 — teams converted only 41.7% of red-zone drives into touchdowns. Of course, we can’t be too harsh; it was the first week and teams are still trying to find their groove.

With a few more weeks under their belt, we do expect the number to increase, but it might not reach the NFL’s average of 56.5% — information you’ll want to keep in mind when looking at totals.

Home team advantage

It’s real! In Week 1, home teams went 3-1 ATS (only the Dallas Renegades failed to cover).

In Week 2, home teams went 2-2 ATS (the LA Wildcats and Houston Roughnecks failed to cover).

Play calling

So far it seems coaches have been conservative in play calling — on both fourth downs and PATs.

In Week 1, teams were 4 for 11 (36.4%) on one-point attempts and 3 for 8 (37.5%) on two-point attempts. And not a single team tried for three points.

In Week 2, teams went 2 for 10 (20%) on one-point attempts, 1 for 6 (16.6%) on two-point attempts and 1 for 2 (50%) on three-point attempts.

Go big or go home is not the motto here, so your bet shouldn’t be either.

All about that defense

In Week 1, defense won the game. Two teams — the New York Guardians and DC Defenders – had defensive and special teams touchdowns and racked up a total four interceptions. The St. Louis defense — when they weren’t committing penalties — also had a strong performance.

In Week 2, the Defenders — again — lived up to their name. They shut out the Guardians and registered two interceptions and three sacks. The Dragons defense also showed up, with four sacks and three interceptions in their victory over the Vipers. And the Roughnecks dominated on both sides of the ball — with the defense racking up three sacks and two interceptions.

So take this advice to the table in Week 3. We think it’ll be celebration worthy.