Relive the DC Defenders’ win over the Seattle Dragons in the XFL season opener

The first XFL game of the season did not disappoint, and we’ve got the game recap to go with it!

Are you ready? Because the Defenders are:

Or, how about those Sea Dragons having us feeling some type of way:

It’s finally time! Let’s go!

You could even join in on the action!

We know it’s all new, but we’re here to help.

Oh boy, we’re in it now…the Dragons brought the heat with this hit:

But the Defenders won’t be stopped:

Points are on the board! DC leads, 3-0:

Well this is new – we’ve got all the access. Head coach Pep Hamilton reviews the first drive of the season:

Pretty cool, right? We’re not the only ones that think so:

And the Dragons respond. Seattle drives quickly down the field for a touchdown:

And we get to find out how it feels:

No kicks allowed here, and the PAT is no good. Seattle leads, 6-3.

The Defenders have possession, and are on the attack:

But they couldn’t get it done. DC kicker Ty Rausa misses a 35-yard field goal attempt:

JJ Watt says exactly what we were thinking:

And that takes us to the end of the first quarter:

The Defenders come up big with some defense. Rahim Moore Sr. with the interception:

We knew punts would be fun with the new rules, and this play definitely didn’t disappoint:

Yeah, we’re having fun:

So are the Dragons, with their second touchdown of the game. Trey Williams with the juke to drive it in:

Forget Defenders and Dragons, Williams says the XFL is full of a “bunch of dogs.”

Defender’s kicker Trey Rausa gets his second attempt and converts bringing us to the end of the first half. Seattle leads, 13-12.

So, how are we feeling?

We’re back and the Defenders pull out all the tricks for this score:

Don’t blink, the Dragons follow with a touchdown of their own. The game is tied, 19-19.

But not for long…Cardale Jones fires it to Ross. The Defenders lead, 25-19:

The Defenders are putting the D in defense, and DC now leads, 31-19.

Living up to the name, the defense continues…DC’s Elijah Qualls recovers the Dragon’s fumble.

It was all about defense for DC – they make the critical stop on fourth down, and that’s the ball game.

Well, the first game of the season did not disappoint.

And we’re ready for more!

Tune in for the LA Wildcats vs. the Houston Roughnecks on FOX!