WATCH: Dallas Stars give fans the 'Sweet Victory' SpongeBob halftime show we all deserve

February 4, 2019

One million signatures on a petition couldn't do it.

Adam Levine couldn't do it.

The NFL couldn't do it.

But the Dallas Stars did.

The only thing that might have been more disappointing than the lowest scoring Super Bowl in NFL history Sunday might have been the lack of an appearance by SpongeBob SquarePants performing "Sweet Victory" with Maroon 5 in the halftime show.

Luckily, the Dallas Stars, who have used the song from the hit cartoon, have used "Sweet Victory" as a victory song inside the American Airlines Center after games, and after the outpouring of disapproval from fans around the world from the lack of SB in the SB, the Stars posted a video they ran in-arena to their Twitter page Monday for everyone to enjoy.

Like the post's the Super Bowl performance we all deserved.