Josh Childress launches elbow into opponent's face in Australian league, ejected

BY Brett Smiley • October 24, 2014

No flopping on this one.

In an apparent retaliation for getting knocked down on a screen by Perth Wildcats power forward Jesse Wagstaff, eight-year NBA veteran Josh Childress, now of the Sydney Kings, got to his feet and smashed his elbow into Wagstaff's face after he put up a shot.

"That's footy stuff!" one announcer for NZAUTV exclaimed during the game Friday. Said the other: "He got his money's worth on that one!"

Confirmed. That was a serious, WWE-style blow, and it landed Childress an ejection. 

Childress signed with the Sydney Kings in August 2014, "widely considered as the highest profile signing in NBL history" according to the league, given Childress's NBA pedigree.

According to the Queensland-based Courier Mail, the incident was reported to the NBL, and some uncertain punishment awaits.

“There’s no room for that in our game," said Wildcats head coach Trevor Gleeson." I hope the league takes a stand on it because it wasn’t deserved.

“You do that in (the Australian Football League) and you’re out," Gleeson said. "Anything around the head is a no-no.”

For further reading, check out the Childress's own account about acclimating to life in Australia and the NBL.

This won't help.


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