Daily Buzz: LeBron James not a fan of NBA's newest trend?

BY Sam Gardner • December 23, 2013

The NBA is trying to make sleeved basketball jerseys the new “it” thing in arenas across the league, and on Wednesday, all 10 teams with a Christmas Day game will be wearing them, whether they like it or not.

Unfortunately for the league, the two time defending champs are definitely voting “not” when it comes to the latest take on the basketball uniform.

LeBron James was asked over the weekend about the duds he and his teammates will be wearing when they visit the Lakers on Wednesday. Suffice it to say that the Heat star was not hot on the idea:

Apparently someone got in ‘Bron’s ear over the next couple days, though, because by Sunday — after the Heat spent a whole practice getting used to the feel of the shirts — Miami had warmed up to the idea of using them.

"No problems," James told the Sun-Sentinel. "You can do different things in practice that you can't do in the game. There's no problem. They felt comfortable. I think everybody felt comfortable in them."

Heat big man Chris Bosh echoed James’ sentiment, but conceded that he’d still rather wear the regular jerseys.

"We didn't want to get to Christmas Day and just be wearing them for the first time," Bosh said. "You could have problems and malfunctions. We're players of rhythm and we have to get used to the same thing or at least try them out. It's like breaking in sneakers."

“…It feels like a V-neck T-shirt, like the kind you wear under you button-up on Sunday. I’m more of a classic basketball kind of guy. I've been wearing a tank top since I began playing. I didn't wear a T-shirt in college. It's different."

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