Andy Lee to honor the memory of his daughter with Browns

BY Sid Saraf • June 11, 2015

Andy Lee has a new home, as he was traded from the San Francisco 49ers to the Cleveland Browns on Saturday.

And in that new home, the punter will memorialize a tragedy that hit his family. Lee's wife gave birth to a baby girl named Madeleine in January, but unfortunately, there were complications. Madeleine died just eight days later.

Lee, who wore jersey No. 4 during his days with the 49ers, will wear No. 8 with the Browns, according to a story on the team's website.

"I think sometimes, not necessarily by me and my wife, her life can get overlooked. She was here, she was a person but nobody got to meet her, nobody got to see her," Lee said. "She was really alive and really a person. It's a way to honor her and kind of just give her some glory she deserves."

Madeleine never got to leave the intensive care unit. But now, she will live on with every step Lee takes.

"It just kind of changed the mindset of, say, your son's outside and you don't feel like getting up and throwing the ball with him because you're tired. Well, get your butt up and go out there and do it because who knows?" Lee said.

Best of luck to Lee and his family during these trying times.

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