Tebow welcomed with chant for Brady

BY foxsports • July 23, 2013

It has been said that New England is the perfect place for Tim Tebow because nobody will ever call for him to start games over Tom Brady. This lack of tension between the starter and backup would, theoretically, allow Tebow to help the team without creating any distracting storylines.

But in the small chance that Tebow held a small amount of hope that he would be able to win over Pats fans with his work ethic and charm, the New England faithful decided to cut him down to size.

During what has been reported as a "horrendous" first practice for Tebow on Friday, there was one particularly agonizing sequence where the quarterback held the ball for at least 10 seconds without doing anything.

How did Pats fans react to Timmy's indecisiveness? Shalise Young of the Boston Globe tweeted this observation:

This sure doesn't sound like Denver or New York, does it? If Tebow ever does see any field time under center this season, and the Patriots aren't winning by at least a couple of touchdowns, expect "Brady! Brady!" chants to rain down again.

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