Patriots DE Chris Long celebrates Super Bowl win with his dad Howie Long

BY Chris Strauss • February 6, 2017

Howie Long has been to numerous Super Bowls - winning Super Bowl XVIII with the Raiders and broadcasting from many more in his role with the NFL on FOX. But this year's game brought a unique experience for the Long family, as Howie got to watch his son Chris win his own ring in the Patriots' incredible 34-28 overtime win.

"If you’ve followed my history with my boys, I try to be in the background,” Howie Long told FOX Sports earlier this week. “Now, at the Super Bowl, it certainly ends up being about a dad covering his son playing in the Super Bowl, which is an extraordinary moment for us. And I’m not quite sure how I’ll react to it.

“As a player, you’re nervous, you’re anxious, you’re excited, and then you get hit and it’s football,” Long continued of his emotions going into the game. “Unfortunately, as a broadcaster and just a dad on the sideline, I don’t get hit so the nerves don’t go away.

“It’s like being in a fight,” he continued. “You’re nervous before you get in the fight, and then you get in the fight and it’s just a fight. Been there, done that. With this it’s different, it’s unique, and I think it’s going to be really special.”

From the looks of it, the celebration was even more special than either Long anticipated.

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