Nobody went to that Beyonce Super Bowl protest at NFL headquarters

BY foxsports • February 16, 2016

When Beyonce used her Super Bowl 50 halftime show to send a message to America by honoring the Black Panthers and Malcolm X, it worked the Internet up into a frothing rage with a lot of people saying Beyonce had crossed the line.

How dare she use the Super Bowl -- America's biggest entertainment prop -- as a prop!

Shortly, a group page sprouted up that planned a Beyonce protest outside NFL headquarters in New York, which then spawned an anti-anti-Beyonce protest page (you can't make Internet rage up).

That protest, and anti-protest, was all supposed to go down on Feb. 16.

So let's go live to the NFL headquarters this morning:

Wait ... what?

Yep -- all those outraged people who promised to protest outside the NFL's offices never bothered to show up. The few people that did show up were Beyonce supporters.

The Internet in the 21st century, everyone.

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