Morris Claiborne fires back at critics

April 5, 2012

LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne fired back at critics Wednesday, saying he would be the winner in the long run even if he did score a dismal four out of 50 in the NFL Combine's Wonderlic test.

Claiborne's score in the pre-draft aptitude test was leaked to NBC Sports earlier this week, renewing debate over the test's importance.

The projected top-5 pick in this month's NFL Draft received heavy criticism on his Twitter account and responded to the "haters" Wednesday, saying the public had little understanding of the test.

It had been reported that Claiborne had a learning disability but his agent, Bus Cook, denied it, USA Today reported.


"At the end of the day I will be a top 10 pick!" Claiborne wrote, adding a row of dollar symbols in another tweet to illustrate his point.

"You guys don't no me #Top10," he posted, while also retweeting an article written by former Redskins and Texans general manager Charley Casserly with the headline "Claiborne's reportedly low test score won't impact draft status."

"As a general manager, I have had to make decisions on players with very low Wonderlic Test scores," Casserly writes. "I can tell you there are starting players in the NFL who have been to Pro Bowls that had single-digit test scores."

While the Wonderlic scores are supposed to be confidential, unusually low scores are often leaked to the media.