Michael Irvin wants Jerry Jones, Cowboys to save Johnny Manziel's life

BY Andre Vergara • February 4, 2016

Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys can save the career of a troubled NFL star.

Take it from a former one, Michael Irvin.

The Cowboys legend says Dallas can save Johnny Manziel's life by bringing him in and getting him back on the right track.

"I just think when we start talking about bringing the man out of a boy or bringing the man out of a kid, what does that is great support," Irvin said Thursday in San Francisco. "You guys know how Jerry is. He's one of the guys that I will say, one of the issues that people find with him is he's loyal to a fault. And when you know someone cares for your person ... Jerry is going to help him work with his person. And that will bring the best out in his profession. That's where the work needs [to be done]. And when you know you've got somebody up top that's pulling for you, it just gives you a different thing. I really believe that.

"I know how Jerry's helped me. I know the kind of man he is. I know he'll sit down and relate the situations and the setbacks that he's had in life so you don't feel funny about telling him or uncomfortable about telling him anything. And it helps to have that. He becomes a sounding board. I just really believe the right situation would really help the kid out."

It's unclear if Irvin was aware of the latest reports on Manziel: TMZ is reporting that his ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley told police that Manziel hit her "several times" during an argument on Jan. 30. WFAA.com reports that Manziel told her to "shut up or I'll kill us both." However, Dallas police said Manziel won't be charged.

Jones and the Cowboys faced incredible backlash when they signed Greg Hardy despite domestic violence allegations against him. The owner and the team likely would face more of the same by bringing in Manziel if the Browns release him as expected.

Brandon George of The Dallas Morning News reported this week that "no one at Valley Ranch wants Manziel in the building." And that was before Thursday's reports. However, George pointed out, Jones has the final say.