Martin to make his voice heard soon

BY Mike Garafolo • November 10, 2013

We've heard from Richie Incognito in his exclusive sit-down with FOX Sports' Jay Glazer. So when will we hear from Jonathan Martin?

Apparently soon.

A source told FOX Sports that the plan is for Martin to put out a video statement at some point in the near future, likely this week.

The source said Martin won't get into a point-counterpoint with Incognito; rather, any statement Martin makes will be designed to explain his mindset and why he handled the situation by leaving the Miami Dolphins' facility when Incognito and other players played a prank on him.

Martin will meet with NFL-appointed investigator Ted Wells this week. Any questions for him will be asked by Wells, for now. The plan is for his videotaped segment to not feature an interviewer, the source said.

Martin still hopes to resume his NFL career and won't be able to dodge interviews forever. At some point, he will be asked questions on the subject. For now, he hopes to control the message and not get into the details of his relationship with Incognito and other players, the communication that was common in the Dolphins' locker room and why he chose to leave.

That last point is one of the big ones Martin will have to address. His teammates have accused him of breaking rank by going public with Martin's texts, albeit via communication from his agents to the Dolphins and one of his lawyers, David Cornwell, to the media.

Cornwell responded to Incognito telling Glazer that Martin texted him a death threat of his own by tweeting a "meme" of a pit bull in its owner's hands, with the caption, “I will murder your whole (expletive) family."

Clearly, Martin and Incognito’s communication is not typical of a standard workplace. Incognito claimed to Glazer he did it out of “love." Martin, though, apparently felt threatened. If so, the question is why didn't he notify Incognito or others in the building?

Sources familiar with Martin's thinking have said he was raised by Harvard-educated parents who told him to fight back with his mind, not his fists. Always the big kid among his peers, Martin heeded that advice. That's not to excuse his leaving the team but rather to explain his behavior in this situation.

But no one can explain better than Martin. Pretty soon, he will begin to do so.

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