Fans take part in Media Day fun

Published Jan. 31, 2012 12:00 a.m. EST

If a Super Bowl ticket is too big a hit to your wallet, Media Day is here to save you.

For the first time ever, the NFL offered fans a chance to purchase tickets to the annual pre-Super Bowl event, giving thousands of people an extra opportunity to get close to the big-game hoopla.

The tickets went for $25 each and sold out within days. The NFL limited attendance to 7,300 fans.

Fans were also given a gift bag that included a headset radio, which could be tuned to various channels to correspond to whatever player or coach they wanted to hear.


"It's been really fun to tune in and listen to a lot of the players," said Nancy Haas, an Indianapolis resident. "Obviously most people are listening to (Giants quarterback) Eli (Manning) right now. It's been a lot of fun."

Many in the pro-Colts crowd said they'd be rooting for Eli — brother of Colts quarterback and local icon Peyton Manning — and his Giants in Sunday's game.

The radio interaction led to some fun moments. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady noted the large number of Colts jerseys in the crowd, drawing a loud cheer.

"Oh, you can hear me up there?" Brady said. "I did not know that."

The addition of fans seemed to go over well with the players as well.

"I love it," Giants linebacker Michael Boley said. "For the fans to actually come out, they get to see us not only after the week, but they get to see us throughout the week as well."

Fans were restricted to the lower deck on one side of the field, facing the media booths. Concession and merchandise stands were open for business in the concourse. All that was missing was the game.

Tickets to the Super Bowl itself were going for more than $2,000, making Media Day a much more appealing option for many local fans whose team finished at the bottom of the NFL standings this season.

"If the Colts were playing, I would've gotten tickets," said Julie Moran, also from Indianapolis. "I wouldn't pay that much money for (another team)."