Cris Carter and Shannon Sharpe offer personal advice for Ezekiel Elliott

BY Nick Schwartz • January 12, 2017

Dallas Cowboys star Ezekiel Elliott was involved in a minor car accident Wednesday morning, but was fortunately unharmed and joked on Twitter that he's "been involved in bigger collisions."

On Thursday's episode of Undisputed, NFL Hall of Famers Cris Carter and Shannon Sharpe touched on Elliott's off-field incidents over the course of his rookie season - he was filmed in a nightclub partying with teammate Dak Prescott last month - and said that while Elliott's behavior isn't problematic, the intense spotlight he's under could be difficult to deal with.

"He’s gotten into a couple things that would probably raise your attention.

…. Sometimes these young players think they know more than they understand. And that star, and playing for the Cowboys, is a magnifying glass for everything in your life. I think it’s going to be harder for people like Zeke, with their [outgoing] personality going forward, but I don’t have any personal concerns."

“His dad said ‘my biggest worry: I don’t believe my son knows how to navigate, in life, being a superstar.’

Zeke wants to be normal, but he’s not normal anymore.

... This is before social media - [but] I wanted to be as normal as possible, but I realized that there were certain things that I couldn’t do now, because I was no longer the Shannon from Glennville, Georgia, I was the Shannon of the Denver Broncos.

So I had to be mindful of who I hung with, where I went, what I said. And now I definitely tell all the guys, ‘you automatically assume the moment you leave your house, you’re being recorded or taped.'"

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