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2011 NFL mock draft 5.0
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2011 NFL mock draft 5.0

Published Apr. 25, 2011 1:00 a.m. ET

We’re close to the NFL draft, and the intrigue is picking up.

I still don’t think it’s a lock that the Carolina Panthers will go with Cam Newton at No. 1 because there are other solid options there who would fill positional needs.

It will also be interesting to see if any significant trades are pulled off since players can’t be moved.



1.) Carolina Panthers: Cam Newton/QB/Auburn

Fourth Mock Selection: Cam Newton/QB/Auburn

Third Mock Selection: Cam Newton/QB/Auburn

Second Mock Selection: Cam Newton/QB/Auburn

First Mock Selection: Cam Newton/QB/Auburn

Analysis: Newton has been their guy all along. But this decision doesn’t speak well for the future of QB Jimmy Clausen, who was selected in the second round of the 2010 NFL Draft.

Needs: DT, QB, DE, CB, WR


2.) Denver Broncos: Marcell Dareus/DT/Alabama

Fourth Mock Selection: Marcell Dareus/DT/Alabama

Third Mock Selection: Marcell Dareus/DT/Alabama

Second Mock Selection: Marcell Dareus/DT/Alabama

First Mock Selection: Marcell Dareus/DT/Alabama

Analysis: I wouldn’t be surprised to see them consider Patrick Peterson here because their two starting cornerbacks are older than 30.

Needs: DT, DE, TE, ORT, MLB, CB


3.) Buffalo Bills: Von Miller/OLB/Texas A&M

Fourth Mock Selection: Von Miller/OLB/Texas A&M

Third Mock Selection: Von Miller/OLB/Texas A&M

Second Mock Selection: Von Miller/OLB/Texas A&M

First Mock Selection: Von Miller/OLB/Texas A&M

Analysis: He would start from day one. Marcell Dareus would be the other consideration here if he fell to them. He can play DE in a 3-4 scheme.


4.) Cincinnati Bengals: A.J. Green/WR/Georgia

Fourth Mock Selection: A.J. Green/WR/Georgia

Third Mock Selection: A.J. Green/WR/Georgia

Second Mock Selection: A.J. Green/WR/Georgia

First Mock Selection: Patrick Peterson/CB/LSU

Analysis: Green will be an instant starter from day one. His selection will help their decision to move on from veteran WR Chad Ochocinco a bit easier. They can look at selecting a developmental QB in round 2.

Needs: WR, G, C, SS, CB, QB, DE


5.) Arizona Cardinals: Patrick Peterson/CB/LSU

Fourth Mock Selection: Patrick Peterson/CB/LSU

Third Mock Selection: Patrick Peterson/CB/LSU

Second Mock Selection: Patrick Peterson/CB/LSU

First Mock Selection: Prince Amukamara/CB/Nebraska

Analysis: What a value if he’s actually here in the real NFL Draft. That would be a nice CB pairing of Peterson and DRC.

Needs: OLB, QB, C, G, ORT, CB, DE, ILB

6.) Cleveland Browns: Julio Jones/WR/Alabama

Fourth Mock Selection: Robert Quinn/DE-OLB/North Carolina

Third Mock Selection: Robert Quinn/DE-OLB/North Carolina

Second Mock Selection: Da’Quan Bowers/DE/Clemson

First Mock Selection: A.J. Green/WR/Georgia

Analysis: Tough call here. DE and WR are equally as big needs for this team. Jones is more of a sure thing and would start from day one. This team would love to trade back, though.

Needs: WR, DE, DT, ORT, CB, G, OLB, S

7.) San Francisco 49ers: Blaine Gabbert/QB/Missouri

Fourth Mock Selection: Prince Amukamara/CB/Nebraska

Third Mock Selection: Prince Amukamara/CB/Nebraska

Second Mock Selection: Prince Amukamara/CB/Nebraska

First Mock Selection: Robert Quinn/DE-OLB/North Carolina

Analysis: The value isn’t here with Amukamara, which is why I believe that they will ultimately pass on him at this spot and take Gabbert. Personnel sources whom I trust say he will be a very good fit for San Francisco’s West Coast offensive scheme. If they trade down, Amukamara would be a consideration. They also would like to trade down to select a QB, possibly Andy Dalton.

Needs: QB, OLB, CB, WR, C, OT, DE

8.) Tennessee Titans: Nick Fairley/DT/Auburn

Fourth Mock Selection: Blaine Gabbert/QB/Missouri

Third Mock Selection: Blaine Gabbert/QB/Missouri

Second Mock Selection: Blaine Gabbert/QB/Missouri

First Mock Selection: Blaine Gabbert/QB/Missouri

Analysis: I’ve been saying here over the past few updates that you won’t find anyone close to his talent at this position in this draft. Fairley makes more sense than I first though there. They can grab their developmental QB later on.

Needs: QB, DE, MLB

9.) Dallas Cowboys: Tyron Smith/OT/USC

Fourth Mock Selection: Tyron Smith/OT/USC

Third Mock Selection: Tyron Smith/OT/USC

Second Mock Selection: Tyron Smith/OT/USC

First Mock Selection: Cameron Jordan/DE/California

Analysis: They can say what they want about Doug Free, but you can’t pass up a guy like this. Smith has too much upside. OT Anthony Constanzo also is a consideration here.

Needs: G, FS, SS, DE, OT, CB


10.) Washington Redskins: Christian Ponder/QB/Florida St.

Fourth Mock Selection: Julio Jones/WR/Alabama

Third Mock Selection: Julio Jones/WR/Alabama

Second Mock Selection: Julio Jones/WR/Alabama

First Mock Selection: Julio Jones/WR/Alabama

Analysis: With Jones off the board, the Redskins must get their developmental quarterback here or trade back for one. As a GM told me last night, Ponder is very well-respected by the scouting community, so don’t be shocked if they go with him here or trade for him. He will be a solid fit for a WCO, as I’ve been saying for weeks. They also would like to trade out of this spot. And keep in mind head coach Mike Shanahan is willing to select QBs off the board a bit earlier than most other teams.

Needs: WR, QB, ORT, G, OLB, CB, DE

11.) Houston Texans: Robert Quinn/DE-OLB/North Carolina

Fourth Mock Selection: Aldon Smith/DE-OLB/Missouri

Third Mock Selection: Aldon Smith/DE-OLB/Missouri

Second Mock Selection: Robert Quinn/DE-OLB/North Carolina

First Mock Selection: Aldon Smith/DE-OLB/Missouri

Analysis: I can’t see how they pass up on Quinn here, who they probably didn’t would drop this far.

Needs: OLB, NT, CB, SS, FS, DE, WR

12.) Minnesota Vikings: Da’Quan Bowers/DE/Clemson

Fourth Mock Selection: Da’Quan Bowers/DE/Clemson

Third Mock Selection: Da’Quan Bowers/DE/Clemson

Second Mock Selection: Aldon Smith/DE-OLB/Missouri

First Mock Selection: Da’Quan Bowers/DE/Clemson

Analysis: I believe they would rather trade down for him, but Bowers would give them better depth at an important position. Aldon Smith or trading down for a QB also is a consideration here.

Needs: QB, DT, DE, WR, SLB, C, G, FS, SS


13.) Detroit Lions: J.J. Watt/DE/Wisconsin

Fourth Mock Selection: J.J. Watt/DE/Wisconsin

Third Mock Selection: J.J. Watt/DE/Wisconsin

Second Mock Selection: Ryan Kerrigan/DE/Purdue

First Mock Selection: Tyron Smith/OT/USC

Analysis: Nice fit for what they need. He can play inside in nickel situations. However, personnel sources say he’s really a LDE in a 4-3 (Cliff Avril’s side). Other considerations if they are on the board are Nick Fairley and any worthy offensive tackle.

Needs: CB, DE, OLB, OLT

14.) St. Louis Rams: Aldon Smith/DE/Missouri

Fourth Mock Selection: Nick Fairley/DT/Auburn

Third Mock Selection: Nick Fairley/DT/Auburn

Second Mock Selection: Cameron Jordan/DE/California

First Mock Selection: Nick Fairley/DT/Auburn

Analysis: Smith would fill a big pass-rushing need for the Rams.

Needs: WR, DE, DT, RB, S, CB, OLB

15.) Miami Dolphins: Mike Pouncey/G-C/Florida

Fourth Mock Selection: Mike Pouncey/G-C/Florida

Third Mock Selection: Mike Pouncey/G-C/Florida

Second Mock Selection: Mike Pouncey/G-C/Florida

First Mock Selection: Mark Ingram/RB/Alabama

Analysis: They tend to like their offensive linemen with more weight, but Pouncey could be an instant starter for them at either of two need positions.

Needs: RB, WR (speed), G, C, QB, OLB

16.) Jacksonville Jaguars: Ryan Kerrigan/DE/Purdue

Fourth Mock Selection: Ryan Kerrigan/DE/Purdue

Third Mock Selection: Ryan Kerrigan/DE/Purdue

Second Mock Selection: J.J. Watt/DE/Wisconsin

First Mock Selection: Ryan Kerrigan/DE/Purdue

Analysis: He seems like a younger version of Aaron Kampman.

Needs: DE, WR, FS, SS, OLB, CB, QB


17.) New England Patriots (from Oakland Raiders): Anthony Costanzo/OT/Boston College

Fourth Mock Selection: Anthony Costanzo/OT/Boston College

Third Mock Selection: Anthony Costanzo/OT/Boston College

Second Mock Selection: Anthony Costanzo/OT/Boston College

First Mock Selection: Anthony Costanzo/OT/Boston College

Analysis: Here’s the replacement for veteran LT Matt Light. Cameron Jordan has to be a consideration here as well because the Patriots are in need of an upgrade at DE.

Needs: OLB, OT, G, DE, WR, RB


18.) San Diego Chargers: Cameron Jordan/DE/California

Fourth Mock Selection: Cameron Jordan/DE/California

Third Mock Selection: Cameron Jordan/DE/California

Second Mock Selection: Cameron Heyward/DE/Ohio St.

First Mock Selection: J.J. Watt/DE/Wisconsin

Analysis: They wouldn’t take long to turn the card in if Jordan or Watt were still on the board.

Needs: DE, WR, ILB, ORT, CB

19.) New York Giants: Derek Sherrod/OT/Mississippi St.

Fourth Mock Selection: Derek Sherrod/OT/Mississippi St.

Third Mock Selection: Derek Sherrod/OT/Mississippi St.

Second Mock Selection: Nick Fairley/DT/Auburn

First Mock Selection: Derek Sherrod/OT/Mississippi St.

Analysis: Here’s your new developmental left tackle. Nate Solder also makes some sense. Neither player would have to start this season.

Needs: OLT, WR, MLB, G, DT

20.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Prince Amukamara/CB/Nebraska

Fourth Mock Selection: Adrian Clayborn/DE/Iowa

Third Mock Selection: Adrian Clayborn/DE/Iowa

Second Mock Selection: Adrian Clayborn/DE/Iowa

First Mock Selection: Adrian Clayborn/DE/Iowa

Analysis: Personnel sources said that Clayborn can only play on one side of the line, so I could see him slipping a bit. Amukamara is a great value here. Way too good of one to pass up.

Needs: DE, WR, S, LB, CB, G

21.) Kansas City Chiefs: Gabe Carimi/OT/Wisconsin

Fourth Mock Selection: Gabe Carimi/OT/Wisconsin

Third Mock Selection: Gabe Carimi/OT/Wisconsin

Second Mock Selection: Gabe Carimi/OT/Wisconsin

First Mock Selection: Gabe Carimi/OT/Wisconsin

Analysis: RT is their biggest need, so Carimi would be able to start as a rookie.

Needs: ORT, WR, OLB, NT, DE, CB

22.) Indianapolis Colts: Nate Solder/OT/Colorado

Fourth Mock Selection: Muhammad Wilkerson/DT/Temple

Third Mock Selection: Nate Solder/OT/Colorado

Second Mock Selection: Nate Solder/OT/Colorado

First Mock Selection: Nate Solder/OT/Colorado

Analysis: I’ve gone back and forth on Solder and Wilkerson. LT is the bigger need.

Needs: LT, S, DT, DE, CB


23.) Philadelphia Eagles: Jimmy Smith/CB/Colorado

Fourth Mock Selection: Jimmy Smith/CB/Colorado

Third Mock Selection: Brooks Reed/DE-OLB/Arizona

First Mock Selection: Jimmy Smith/CB/Colorado

Second Mock Selection: Jimmy Smith/CB/Colorado

Analysis: My sense is, as it has been for several weeks, the Eagles have done a ton of research on this guy. He does carry a lot of baggage, but not anywhere near that of CB Aqib Talib. In fact, talking to personnel sources over the past few weeks, Smith is well-spoken guy. The immaturity level if there for sure, but if you get him in the right environment, Smith could be a huge steal. And Andy Reid has done a nice job of handling “problem” players over the years. If Carimi is there, they would only take him to play RG, not RT. As I’ve been saying for weeks, the coaches like RT Winston Justice.

Needs: CB, RG, OLB, SS, DE

24.) New Orleans Saints: Adrian Clayborn/DE/Iowa

Fourth Mock Selection: Corey Liuget/DT/Illinois

Third Mock Selection: Corey Liuget/DT/Illinois

Second Mock Selection: Muhammad Wilkerson/DT/Temple

First Mock Selection: Muhammad Wilkerson/DT/Temple

Analysis: Clayborn would be a nice value for a team that is in need of a developmental DE.

Needs: DT, DE, OLB, C, SS, TE


25.) Seattle Seahawks: Andy Dalton/QB/TCU

Fourth Mock Selection: Aaron Williams/CB/Texas

Third Mock Selection: Jimmy Smith/CB/Colorado

Second Mock Selection: Derek Sherrod/OT/Mississippi St.

First Mock Selection: Mike Pouncey/G-C/Florida

Analysis: They would love to trade out of this spot, but Dalton is the best fit of the QBs who can play in a WCO that’s left on the board. BTW, he’s the same exact height as Aaron Rodgers (6-2). I’m not sure why others have him listed as shorter than that. That’s right from the official combine file that all the teams receive. They also should look at the best available CB or OLs here.

Needs: G, ORT, C, QB, WR, CB, DE, DT, OLB

26.) Baltimore Ravens: Akeem Ayers/DE-OLB/UCLA

Fourth Mock Selection: Akeem Ayers/DE-OLB/UCLA

Third Mock Selection: Akeem Ayers/DE-OLB/UCLA

Second Mock Selection: Akeem Ayers/DE-OLB/UCLA

First Mock Selection: Cameron Heyward/DE/Ohio St.

Analysis: Getting a developmental in the rotation at OLB is essential, so Ayers is a solid fit for their need.

Needs: CB, WR, OT, G, OLB, DE, SS

27.) Atlanta Falcons: Jabaal Sheard/DE/Pittsburgh

Fourth Mock Selection: Jabaal Sheard/DE/Pittsburgh

Third Mock Selection: Jabaal Sheard/DE/Pittsburgh

Second Mock Selection: Jabaal Sheard/DE/Pittsburgh

First Mock Selection: Akeem Ayers/DE-OLB/UCLA

Analysis: They can get their speed wide receiver later in the draft with Edmond Gates.

Needs: DE, OLB, WR, CB, TE

28.) New England Patriots: Muhammad Wilkerson/DT/Temple

Fourth Mock Selection: Mark Ingram/RB/Alabama

Third Mock Selection: Mark Ingram/RB/Alabama

Second Mock Selection: Mark Ingram/RB/Alabama

First Mock Selection: Phil Taylor/DT/Baylor

Analysis: He’ll give them the badly needed depth at DE in their 3-4 scheme that they have been seeking.

Needs: OLB, OT, G, DE, WR, RB


29.) Chicago Bears: Phil Taylor/DT/Baylor

Fourth Mock Selection: Phil Taylor/DT/Baylor

Third Mock Selection: Phil Taylor/DT/Baylor

Second Mock Selection: Corey Liuget/DT/Illinois

First Mock Selection: Corey Liuget/DT/Illinois

Analysis: This guy is a big-time talent. Taylor would start day one for the Bears.

Needs: G, OT, DT, DE, SLB, C


30.) New York Jets: Brooks Reed/DE-OLB/Arizona

Fourth Mock Selection: Brooks Reed/DE-OLB/Arizona

Third Mock Selection: Muhammad Wilkerson/DT/Temple

Second Mock Selection: Phil Taylor/DT/Baylor

First Mock Selection: Brooks Reed/DE-OLB/Arizona

Analysis: This developmental prospect would give the Jets some badly needed depth at OLB.

Needs: DE, NT, WR, OLB, CB, FS, OT

31.) Pittsburgh Steelers: Aaron Williams/CB/Texas

Fourth Mock Selection: Brandon Harris/CB/Miami (Fla.)

Third Mock Selection: Aaron Williams/CB/Texas

Second Mock Selection: Aaron Williams/CB/Texas

First Mock Selection: Aaron Williams/CB/Texas

Analysis: Cameron Heyward also be a consideration as would Danny Watkins based on need.

Needs: ORT, CB, RG, DE, OLB

32.) Green Bay Packers: Cameron Heyward/DE/Ohio St.

Fourth Mock Selection: Cameron Heyward/DE/Ohio St.

Third Mock Selection: Cameron Heyward/DE/Ohio St.

Second Mock Selection: Brooks Reed/DE-OLB/Arizona

First Mock Selection: Justin Houston/OLB/Georgia

Analysis: Heyward is a nice value here and he would fill a need.

Needs: OLB, DE, G


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