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10 best-rated Super Bowl commercials
National Football League

10 best-rated Super Bowl commercials

Published Feb. 5, 2013 12:00 a.m. ET

According to our users these were the best commercials of Super Bowl XLVII. Click on the commercial title to watch it.

Budweiser: Horse Story

Liked by 97% of users

While Stevie Nicks croons in the background, we see one of Budweiser’s trademark Clydesdales grow from foal to adult horse, then eventually reunite with the farmer who raised him. Not exactly sure how Bud gets us to feel all sentimental about a horse, but they do it almost every year.


Dodge Ram: God made a farmer

Liked by 95% of users

Dodge used a stirring speech by the late Paul Harvey to narrate this commercial as a tribute to the farmers in all of us.

Jeep: Welcome home, heroes

Liked by 93% of users

Jeep celebrated the Armed Forces with this commercial and the tagline: Welcome home, heroes.

Hyundai: Football team

Liked by 91% of users

In this commercial, a kid looks to take back the playground by building an incredibly strong team for a game of football.

Audi: Prom

Liked by 87% of users

After resigning himself to attending the prom solo, a teen is handed the keys to his father’s Audi and the night turns from a dud into a winner.

Taco Bell: Party seniors

Liked by 87% of users

A group of seniors enjoy a late night of sneaking out, throwing a backyard pool party and indulging in Taco Bell.

Kia: Birds and bees

Liked by 86% of users

Dad attempts to explain to his young son where babies come from (it involves — among other things — a planet named Babylandia and baby-dispensing rocket ships). When the kid chimes in with an alternate (not to mention, more accurate) explanation, dad quickly brings the awkward conversation to a close with a well-timed voice command to the Kia’s stereo.

Tide: Montana stain

Liked by 84% of users

A San Francisco fan spills nachos on his jersey only to find the resulting stain resembles 49ers legend Joe Montana. As pilgrims — a/k/a Niners fans — flock to Montanaland to pay homage, his wife (a Ravens supporter) gets the last laugh when the offending stain is removed thanks to Tide.

Got Milk: The Rock

Liked by 83% of users

Despite encountering numerous situations requiring the brawn of The Rock, he cannot be distracted from his mission — to find milk following a kids’ sleepover.

Skechers: Designed for speed

Liked by 83% of users

A runner speeds to the rescue of a gazelle who is clearly in trouble.


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