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Tyronn Lue on Kevin Love's future in Cleveland: 'Oh, he's going to be here'
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Tyronn Lue on Kevin Love's future in Cleveland: 'Oh, he's going to be here'

Published Jun. 22, 2016 11:18 a.m. ET

The Cleveland Cavaliers are still in the honeymoon phase of winning an NBA championship, but it won't be long before tough questions need to be asked about next season. It appears as though Richard Jefferson is set to retire, and other moves will need to be made with free agency and the draft pending.

However, the biggest move/non-move definitely appears to involve Kevin Love, a player who struggled throughout the Finals before coming up huge in Game 7 with 14 rebounds. Is there a chance Love gets moved in the offseason?

Well, according to coach Tyronn Lue, the answer isn't just a "no" but an emphatic one. He appeared on ESPN Radio on Wednesday morning, and when he was asked about the future of Love in Cleveland, he was emphatic: K-Love isn't going anywhere.

Those are some strong words by Lue, and as someone who heard the interview live, I can tell you there was no hesitation in his voice, or dancing around the topic. He was emphatic in saying that Love would be back, to the point that it felt like he was shocked that the question was even asked.


Furthermore, it also shows the true difference between the way we as fans (and in the media) perceive the NBA, and how things actually are on the inside.

While we as fans only remember what just happened (Love struggling in the Finals), Lue -- as someone who works with Love every day -- is able to take the 30,000-foot view and put into perspective what Love did all season for Cleveland. No he wasn't great against Golden State, but few people are. And in that particular matchup against that particular team, it just didn't work out. But against Detroit, Atlanta and Toronto, he was needed. And he very well might have been needed as well, if the Finals opponent was Oklahoma City or San Antonio instead of the Warriors.

It also means that while we’ve spent all week saying ‘It’s good to be the King,’ it’s also good to be Kevin Love as well.

He doesn’t appear to be going anywhere.


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