Steven Adams has funny reaction to being held by Spurs fan at end of Game 2

May 4, 2016

While everyone was focused on Dion Waiters elbowing Manu Ginobili at the end of Game 2, one of five violations the refs missed at the end of Game 2, Steven Adams also had an unusual encounter during that unforgettable final sequence Monday.

After Adams closed out on Patty Mills' three-pointer that eventually fell short in the Thunder's 98-97 win, the Oklahoma City center fell into the stands. As he tried to get back and help his teammates, he was held by a female fan who was knocked over in the sequence.

Adams had an interesting way of looking at it when he discussed the play after practice Wednesday.

"They got some passionate fans man," Adams said. "They're fans are good."


When asked if he thought if the fan was trying to hold him back, Adams wasn't totally sure.

"I don't know man, because once I landed in the crowd, I just saw a bunch of lads," Adams said. "They were drunk and being passionate fans and I just thought it was one of them so that's why I would have been mad."